Vertix Wireless Helmet Communication

Wireless communication has been around for several years in the sport of professional bicycle racing. Team managers use it communicate back and forth with their riders during races. Vertix has it’s own wireless communication solution, but this one is added into motorcycle helmets.

The Vertix hardware comes in a couple of different styles so that it can be used with both full-face and open-face helmets. Both the speaker and microphone can be easily mounted to almost any helmet. In fact, they claim an installation time of only minutes. The buttons can easily be tapped while riding to allow communication with other riders in your group or access to a cell phone. The units can paired with a group of up the three riders, and of course between rider and passenger as well. The published range for communication is 500 meters, but Vertix claims it can sometimes reach up to 1 km. One final feature, a handlebar-mounted remote control will be coming out soon. The MSRP is $160 and you can find out more at the Vertix site.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central & Steve Lee of for the TechPodcast Network