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Vievu Has Portable Wearable Cameras at CES

Vievu logoCameras are everywhere these days, including (in some cases) on the human body. As the demand for accurate reporting and accountability increases, so does the need for light and wearable cameras. That’s where Vievu comes in. The company makes cameras specifically designed to be worn by people or mounted onto cars/equipment.

Scott met with Steve Lovell from Vievu. Steve demonstrated one of his company’s flagship products; a portable, lightweight video cam that can be mounted nearly anywhere. Vievu cameras can be connected to either smartphones (via the Vievu app), laptops or IP networks. These special cameras have been on the market since June of last yearand their price range begins at $349.00. Vievu cameras can capture both audio and video in resolutions ranging from 360 to 1080p. Cameras come with 16gb of internal storage and they can record for about 2.5 hours or stream for about 90 minutes before needing a recharge.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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Vievu Millitary Grade Wearable Camera Technology


We are joined by CEO Steve Ward of Vievu joins us for the TPN CES live broadcast. Vievu is a company that makes wearable technology cameras for law enforcement. Since 2007, Vievu is in over 3,000 police agencies in 16 markets. They are now expanding into other professions that need to record video.

The Vievu is rugged and waterproof. The housing is aluminum, so its durable and lightweight. The VieVu also sends recordings to your smartphone for upload. The mini-USB port also allows you to move files to computer. The battery is around 2.5 hours on the VieVu2.

Get VieVu. To find out more, go to VieVu.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast