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Supraways’ vision for urban transport: Autonomous pods @ CES 2024

Supraways urban transportation podsSupraways is an eight-year-old startup based in Lyon, France, that is revolutionizing urban transit with autonomous cars. The company has developed a system of autonomous cars that can carry up to seven passengers and are suspended on beams along highways and airports. This system aims to address the issue of traffic congestion and provide a more efficient and on-demand mode of transportation.

Revolutionizing urban transit with autonomous cars

The autonomous cars developed by Supraways are not only automated but also equipped with embedded electronic and robotic systems. One of their key innovations is an embedded switch system, which allows the cars to move left and right while the beams remain passive. This eliminates the need for maintenance on the beams, making the system more cost-effective and efficient.

Supraways envisions a network of interconnected loops, where all the stations are offline, similar to a highway system. This means that passengers can travel from one point to another without any stops, resulting in faster and more efficient journeys. The system operates 24 hours a day, and passengers can simply use an app to request a ride to their desired destination. The cars communicate with each other, the infrastructure, and the stations, ensuring smooth and coordinated operations.

A flexible choice for cities

One of the key advantages of Supraways’ system is its flexibility. When there are no passengers, the cars can be utilized for freight transportation or other purposes, such as transporting goods or deploying small robots within the city. This flexibility allows for optimal utilization of resources and ensures that the system is not idle during non-peak hours.

The revolutionizing potential of Supraways’ autonomous car system lies in its ability to transform urban transit by providing a more efficient, on-demand, and flexible mode of transportation. By utilizing autonomous cars that can communicate with each other and the infrastructure, the system ensures smooth and coordinated operations. With the ability to transport passengers and goods, the system offers a holistic approach to urban mobility.

Las Vegas is an ideal partner

Las Vegas is seen as an ideal test site for Supraways’ system due to its compact size and high population density. The system’s ability to transport a large number of people quickly and efficiently makes it a perfect fit for cities with a significant number of tourists and residents. By integrating Supraways’ autonomous cars into the existing transportation infrastructure, cities like Las Vegas can enhance their mobility options and alleviate traffic congestion.


While the system is still under development, Supraways is building the first K1 model near Lyon, France. They are also working on a proof of concept inside their factory, where they are developing the communication system and artificial intelligence that will govern the cars’ operations. The company aims to have the system up and running within the next six months and is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations, including with cities like Las Vegas.

In conclusion, Supraways’ autonomous car system has the potential to revolutionize urban transit by addressing the challenges of traffic congestion and providing a more efficient and flexible mode of transportation. With its innovative features and ability to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, the system offers a promising solution for cities seeking to enhance their mobility options. As Supraways continues to develop and expand its system, it will be interesting to see how it transforms urban transportation in the years to come.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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RoadPrintz makes roadwork safer and less expensive @ CES 2021

RoadPrintz robotic road painterThere are some aspects of daily life that very few people actually know how they work. One area that we know very little about is roadways. People are often shocked to see just how big traffic lights and road signs actually are. They would also be amazed to learn just how the painting of symbols on the road actually happens. These giant symbols, such as “right turn only” or “school zone,” are hand-painted, or painted using giant stencils. This realization was so surprising for Sam Bell that he founded RoadPrintz.

RoadPrintz is a company that is dedicated to automating the process of printing on the road. Bell was involved in a multi-million dollar project and was shocked to discover that certain road printing projects would not be undertaken because of the cost. The cost was not just in the initial implementation but in upkeep. It turns out that these have to be repainted annually, making it an eternal cost.

Once he began to investigate, he discovered that a large portion of the price was because at least five people are involved in the painting process, including those who control traffic, drop stencils, and paint. The process takes time, leaving these people in the middle of the street. This could be dangerous for them as well as motorists. Since lines are painted autonomously, why not symbols, as well?

That was the question that was answered by RoadPrintz – it absolutely can be. Using and training a robotic arm, the company was able to completely print road symbols quicker, cheaper, and safer than normal. This new process is a win for everyone involved. The intention is for cities to be able to purchase these robotic arms and use them to create and maintain their roads.

The product is currently in a testing phase, with hopes to bring it to market for cities and municipalities in the near future. For more information on the company, check out their website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Acton M-Scooter Gives Portable Mobility to City Dwellers on the Go at CES

Acton_mscooterChris Montera, the Geekymedic, checks out the new M-Scooter from ActonGlobal.com while roaming the halls at the International CES show earlier this month. The M-Scooter is designed to easily convert from sitting or standing positions so the driver can ride however they want. The motorized scooter is called “super-foldable” so that urban travelers can use and store it easily wherever they go. The scooter’s motor has a 15 mile range and is perfect for that “last mile” commuting from parking garage to work. It can also be used for transportation around a large workplace complex like a warehouse.

The M-Scooter weighs in at under 70 pounds and can accommodate riders of up to 300 pounds. It can be recharged in as little as 2 hours on fast charge mode or for a complete top off in 4 hours in standard charge mode. The scooter has three wheels for a solid base that doesn’t require superior balancing skills on the part of the rider. It will be available for purchase now on the ActonGlobal.com website for $1799. The M-Scooter is in a class by itself and may be the perfect mobility tool for an urban traveler you know.


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