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Lasso Loop closes the recycling loop for homeowners @ CES 2021

Lasso Loop home recyclingStuart Chater, communications manager for Lasso Loop Recycling, joined us from Sydney, Australia for CES 2020.

Lasso Loop is a two-year-old company that aims to make the recycling process more elegant and efficient for homeowners, right at the source. Traditional recycling involves transporting recyclables from residences to a sorting facility, where a small percentage of material is closed-loop recycled. Lasso Loop aims for 100% of residential recyclables to enter into the closed-loop cycle, where they can be transformed into products of the same quality as the original.

The biggest issue with the current system, says Chater, is contamination, which renders material unusable in a high-quality product. Lasso Loop overcomes that problem by sensing at the source, whether in a home or office, to detect the type of material an item is composed of so it can be kept in the right stream. For example, if an item is made of PET plastic it stays in the PET plastic stream, if it’s clear glass, it stays in the glass stream, and so forth.

After material detection, the item is washed and cleaned, a critical step many people skip. After that, the material is ground – plastic is flaked, metal is shredded, and glass is crushed – and then the ground material is stored inside the Lasso Loop container as a pure industry-standard product, ready for high-quality reuse.

The company aims to have its first full prototype completed this year, and the first retail model available in 2022. The appliance will be about the size of a dishwasher, weigh around 260 lbs, use no more than 2 liters of water daily, and will process materials in about 15 minutes.

Visit the company website for more information, and to reserve your own Lasso Loop appliance when the final version is released.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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DRF – The Device Renewal Forum Certifies Phone Recycling

Device Renewal Forum

With over 2 billion wireless devices (mobile phones) produced every year, the recycling and reuse of these gadgets is an important environmental issue. Todd chats to Perry LaForge of the Device Renewal Forum about how many major companies are now approaching the issue.

The DRF’s mission is “to expand the growth of the device renewal market through the development of a common and branded certification process for renewed wireless devices”, which means that for consumers, a DRF-certified device will have been properly processed, removing any traces of the previous owners data, and confirms that the phone meets the technical requirements for use on a mobile network.

Several major companies, such as Sprint, are joining the scheme and for the sake of the planet, let’s hope the DRF is a success.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


GreenSmart: Green Bags for Business Travel, Students and Home

    Avoid the “new car smell” around your laptop, backpack, ..  or wine.

Tom Larsen of Greensmart talks about products that use consumer waste as replacement for Neoprene in all sorts of products. Greensmart’s primary mission is to use recycled materials to make computer and travel bags for all sorts of applications. That means that in addition to being the responsible thing to do recycle-wise, you can avoid the unpleasant effects of “out-gassing” that occur with all new plastic products.

Interview by Courtney Wallin and Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


Let Earth 911 Help You Find Places to Recycle All Items


Jennifer Berry from Earth911 joins us to talk about the Recycle directory Earth 911. When you need it, Earth 911 will tell you where to take your recyclables. They have been around for 20 years, in which their hotline, website or iPhone app will let you know. Just type in your zip code and you will find where to go.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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Gazelle: Recycle your Gadgets for Cash

Andy  McCaskey interviews the Anthony Scarsella, Chief Gadget Officer of gazelle.com, a user friendly website offering reverse online shopping to resell or recycle your used electronics.
You probably have a drawer full of gadgets that could have some real cash value. You can find out quickly and easily, with Gazelle – without the risks of on-line auctions or in person cash exchanges for your old electronics.

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