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Medfolio Medication Reminder System

Medfolio Pill Box
Medfolio Pill Box

What if you had a pillbox that could tell you when it’s time to take your medicine? The Medfolio Medication Reminder System at CES 2013 is set up to help patients with multiple medications remember their medications through multiple forms of reminders.


Julie Mason from Medfolio chats with Health Tech Weekly guest host Chris Montera about how she started the program and product development for the the medication reminder system. She’s a pharmacist who worked for many years with the Veterans Administration. In the past she has spent time working with patients on medication adherence and going into their homes to help them develop tools to remember their pills.

Basic Pill Box Enters 21st Century

The Medfolio system is build around a basic pillbox system because that is something consumers are familiar with. The device has been upgraded to the 21st century with built in software that allows patients or caregivers to enter medications and times into the system. When it’s time for a medication, that compartment will light up in the box and an alert chime will sound.

When coupled with an online reporting system, the Medifolio Medication Reminder device can trigger email or text alerts to both the patient and their caregivers.

Video of Chris Montera by special arrangement with Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).