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Portable Power with Horizon’s Fuel Cells

Horizon Power CellHorizon showed their green energy solution for powering all your electronic gadgets using hydrogen.

HydroFILL is a “world-first” small-scale home hydrogen station that allows consumers or retailers/distributors to refill solid state canisters in a simple way, using water and electricity as only input. By adding water, and plugging the HydroFILL into a electrical wall-socket (or a solar panel), consumers can generate hydrogen and store it in a solid form automatically in HydroSTIK cartrridges.

Horizon calls this fuel cartridge technologies, miniPAK, and it’s able to charge a variety of portable electronics for longer durations and at a lower cost than existing disposable, rechargeable battery alternatives. Each miniPak is equivalent to 100 AA batteries and can be recharged about 100 times.

Interview by Tom Newman: Fogview Podcast

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