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Grandcare Offers Digital Health Solution to Elderly Independence

Grandcare-Computer-screenThe entire population is aging here in the United States and many of us are dealing with helping our aging parents remain independent as long as possible while still being safe and monitored in their homes. Grandcare offers a unique solution to that connectivity and independence.

The Grandcare system provides a touchscreen computer in the home of the elderly person with easy to use functionality that connects them with both their health care professionals and their family caregivers while making the whole setup easy to understand and navigate. The basic system can be augmented with a collection of connected medical devices to monitor various health aspects like weight and blood pressure. You can find more information about the program and the whole setup at Grandcare.com.

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Optimized Phones for Assisted Living Seniors

VTECH logoPhones are an essential part of keeping connected with family and friends. As people age and are struggling to stay in their homes or assisted living, this new phone from VTech can help maintain this psychological lifeline.

The phones are hearing aid compliant, and it is possible to boost the volume of a single call for clarity and level. The unit that we examined featured a clear black and white high contrast display, and enabled adult children to attach photos to speed dial numbers. The company also provides a pendant system that directs phone calls to a number that you have assigned. Using DECT technology, it has a range of 600 ft and provides a speakerphone system and speed dial. Incoming calls can also be answered by the device, and features audio caller ID, allowing screening of calls.
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