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Siphiwe Baleka Digital Tech Keeps Truck Drivers Healthy

Digital Health Awardee

Truck driver fitness expert Siphiwe Baleka used to be a truck driver. His experience with driving a truck and trying to stay fit is what drove him to come up with a digital health fitness program for truckers. He gained 15 pounds in the first few months driving and he knew that was no good. National statistics say that 86% of truck drivers are overweight and 57% of them are obese. These over-the-road drivers are in great need of ways to get their health and fitness back under control. Siphiwe came up with a solution for his employer, New Prime Trucking.

In his digital health solution, Siphiwe used digital communication over mobile devices to help the drivers track their health and fitness while giving them information on small, incremental changes that offer them the ability to change their lives. The American Medical Association declared obesity a disease earlier this year meaning that these truck drivers need treatment for their disease to get healthy again. This program has made such an impact that Siphiwe and Prime Trucking won a EveryDayHealth.com Digital Health Award as Healthiest Company for their program that allowed their drivers to lose more than 25 pounds on average.


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