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No cords needed for this unique charger from 911Boost

911BoostSo your smart phone shows 2% charge and you are hours way from finishing the day.  You start to search frantically for the cord you need to connect your device to your portable charger, computer, wall outlet or whatever other means you have to charge your device on the go.  Of course, the cord is missing and your phone is useless the rest of the day.

Jacques Emano, President of 911Boost, realized this issue and set out to develop a portable charger that didn’t need a cord.  The 911Boost is what they developed.

911Boost is about the size of a car remote with an attached keyring.  You smart phone connects directly to the device via the tabs that set around the outside of the charger.  Easy to carry and ready to boost 98% of the smart phones currently on the market including most Androids and iPhones.

Their motto is “Never be left with a dead phone again, always be in charge!”  More information can be found at http://911boost.com/

Interview by the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch for the TechPodcast Network.

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