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Dimenco: New spatial visualization for simulated reality @ CES 2022

Dimenco holographic displayWhen you think of the future, what comes to mind? For many people, it’s images of advanced technology and futuristic inventions. Dimenco is one company that is working to make the future a reality. They are focused on spatial visualization, in other words, making holograms a reality. This is something that has been dreamed about for years, but Dimenco is making it happen right now. With their cutting-edge software and hardware, they are changing the way we experience simulated reality.

What is the SR Display?

The Dimenco SR Display is the latest development in spatial visualization. So, what exactly does that mean? Well, the result is a high-resolution, fast display that creates realistic three-dimensional images without the need for wearing glasses. This makes it perfect for use in simulated reality applications, right on your own device.

We spoke to Dimenco’s CEO, Maarten Tobias at CES 2022 to get a better understanding and a demo. And we will say, it’s true that you have to see it to believe it. This 3D image w/out glasses is accomplished by adding an optical layer in front of your computer display. And it’s not just a regular 3D display either, but more of a 3D perspective. It does this by adding in the feature of actually tracking your eyes. So when you move your head, the 3D image moves right along with you, as it does in the real world.

The display is quite impressive in action. It can create a holographic effect that is so realistic, it’s hard to tell it’s not actually a three-dimensional object. In addition, the SR Display is very fast – allowing for smooth and seamless animations. It can be used for 3D models, within games and it is even useful for engineering applications.

The technology brings the vision of the Nintendo 3DS to life without the technological limitations of that device. With Dimenco’s SR Display, users can explore simulated reality without having to wear any special equipment.

Some of the benefits of using Dimenco technology include fast, rich, and natural three-dimensional experiences, with no wearables required. And the application unites hardware, software, and technology to deliver the best possible experience

Who is the Dimenco SR Display for?

The Dimenco SR Display is for anyone who wants to experience simulated reality. This includes businesses, educators, developers, and consumers. Dimenco is making it possible for everyone to experience the future.

What is Dimenco?

Inspired by a future filled with holograms like in Blade Runner, Iron Man, and Minority Report, we’re taking simulated reality out of the realm of science fiction, and turning it into fact.

With its origins in Royal Philips Electronics, Dimenco prides itself as being the leader in the spatial visualization market since 2010. Per their website, they aim to push the boundaries to achieve their dream of simulated reality – one of the world’s biggest developments in 3D. In a nutshell, they create technology that allows us to experience holograms – something that has been dreamed about for years. With their cutting-edge software and hardware, Dimenco is changing the way we experience simulated reality.


The prospect of bringing holographic technology right to our very own laptops is seriously exciting. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section and to learn more, make sure to visit their Website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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