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E3 2012 – Sony Recap – Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond Two SoulsThis week during LA gaming week 2012 Sony announced a new single-player game, Beyond: Two Souls. We are excited for this game which is estimated to be released in Spring 2013 for the PS3. The main character, Jodie Holmes, who is a young female with supernatural powers and a link with an invisible entity, will be played in a “unique way” by Ellen Page. “{She} is the most incredible Jodie Holmes I could dream of,” says David Gage from Quantic Dream.

Conversation by F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Media Enhancements

Microsoft Media EnhancementsThe Microsoft press event was certainly something to write home about this year. At the briefing, Microsoft announced an addition to their growing catalog.

However, they first made it easier to access your favorite content. Bing search now has better Kinect voice controls that make it easy to find and watch content with all the new content partners and they have cleaned up the entire feel of it in the process.

If you like the NBA, NHL, ESPN, sitcoms, comedies, documentaries, cartoons or even telenovelas, then what lies in store for you is sure to be a treat. What are the new features and who is now on board with Xbox LIVE?

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E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – SmartGlass

Microsoft Smart GlassYesterday I reported on the rumored Microsoft Smart Glass technology that was expected to be shown off today. All signs pointed to a product designed to compete with Apple’s living room business strategy. The service would give the capability of streaming a video from your phone or tablet to your television through your Xbox 360. It would have been a major head start on Apple and their desire to control your life. The service that was actually announced, however, was a little different and infinitely more useful.

Xbox SmartGlass, as the service will properly be called, is an extension and major enhancement of the Xbox LIVE Connector, the app on Windows Phone and Windows 8 that allows you to control certain aspects of your Xbox through your alternative devices. There are two aspects to the service: gaming and media (big surprise there). Let’s cover gaming first. SmartGlass will allow game developers to enhance the gaming experience in a way never quite explored. It is building on the concept of services like Call of Duty: Elite, but making them part of the game. One great example shown off during their press conference was an interaction with the new Halo 4. When a new waypoint is reached, your phone or tablet can light up and let you know information about where you are, such as maps or personnel. While the game is totally capable of being played without this, an enhancement of this type is a great way to make it feel more like you are IN the game world.

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E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Call of Duty

Call of Duty Black Ops 2Microsoft had one more heavy hitter to round out the show this year and that was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which did not disappoint. The graphics looked amazing with barely any difference between cinematics and game play. Treyarch seems to have stepped it up a notch and even though no one plays Black Ops for the story. I’m not going to ruin it, except for this part where you get to fly a Harrier-looking aircraft around a decimated LA destroying drones. Way cool. According to Treyarch and Microsoft, “The Future is Black” on 11/13/2012.

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E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Third Parties 2

E3 Xbox 360Crystal showed off a new Tomb Raider that lives up to the expectations that fans have of the game. Most notably, the transition between cinematic and game play is very smooth and keeps the action going. Lara Croft also keeps getting hotter so maybe they will bundle it with some new underwear upon release.

A few world premiers that came next were Ascend: New Gods which might make you say “God of War who?”, Lococycle and Matter which appears to be some crazy awesome Portal like game with marbles. All these are coming out sometime 2013.

Resident Evil 6 was more of the same old thing we’ve come to expect. The game play looked a little choppy but it’s still the quintessential zombie killer game.

The award for Goofiest game of the Keynote goes to Wreckateer which is a fun E for everyone Kinect game where you use your body to guide projectiles into castles and blow them into non-existence. Remember, the family that slays together, stays together. Dance Central 3 had a big showing with Usher giving a live performance but we didn’t see a lot of the actual game. I get the feeling that if you’ve played it before, you’ve played this one as well. Another goof game but for completely different reasons was South Park: The Stick of Truth which puts you in an episode of the TV show by South Parkifying your avatar. It is also an obvious Lord of the Rings parody so if you like South Park you’ll like this, too.

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E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Third Parties 1

Xbox 360It wouldn’t be a Microsoft Press Conference without some a new Splinter Cell and that’s exactly what we got with Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Sam Fisher looked great and so did his artistic killings, thanks to the “killing in action” system that blends the stealth and action elements of the game together. It makes the pace of the game much faster without losing the challenge that comes along with needing to use tact for survival. Integration with Kinect gives you the ability to interact with enemies by distracting them and taunting them, which is in itself satisfying. You can also issue voice commands to teammates which adds new life to the unique ways you can kill people. We can all look forward to staining our hands with the blood of the guilty in Spring of 2013.

We briefly saw a Fable: The Journey preview that showcased Kinect capability, Gears of War world premiere and Forza Horizon preview which were cool but there isn’t much more to say about it.

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E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Nike Fit

Nike FitStefan Olander from Nike came on stage to present Nike Fit which is admittedly a pretty cool fitness video game platform that takes health and fitness to the next level. It measures real life performance with the Nike Plus Fuel Band and Nike Fuel points that provide real world feedback about your physical health and performance. The message they were trying to get across is that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. We can expect this out by Holiday 2012.

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E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Halo 4

HaloFirst up to bat was the much anticipated Halo 4 and while I’m not a huge fan of the series, this is the one that might pull me in (don’t hate, it just means I’ll be an easy kill for you in multi-player). We got to see actual game play that was really impressive and the jungle environment they threw you into is rich and vibrant with both plant life and things that want to kill you. The implementation of Smart Glass is something we look forward to discussing more in detail later. I’m still not used to Master Chief talking though, hopefully that will subside by the 11/06/2012 release date.

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E3 2012 – The Hip Hop Gamer – Gaming, Music and the Hardwork to Balance the Two

Hip Hop GamerWhat happens when you mix hip hop and gaming? You get The Hip Hop Gamer. The passionate, dedicated, self-made journalist-meets-rap-star was one of the musical acts at the Shifted 2 Reality party and I had the opportunity to speak with him after bumping into him practically everywhere during the convention week.

The Hip Hop Gamer’s performance at the event was absolutely great. Part of the greatness around it was that his music is exactly what you would expect it to be: hip hop mixed with lyrics about gaming. The other part of the greatness was that I was able to save the show, as he didn’t have a microphone following the performance of a previous act. No worries, our trusty mic we use on camera was obviously ready and available to fulfill its duties to save yet another production and the show went on!

During our short chat, we learned about his career in music, his show and publication which now is hosted through EGM and also about his future possible appearance in a video game. Want to check out the full scoop? You don’t want to miss how animated he gets during the interview! Oh yeah, and I get to hold his championship belt.

Interview by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

E3 2012 – AVerMedia – Video Capture Devices for All Occasions

AVerMediaEvery gamer has watched gameplay footage of their favorite game, or funny footage as we are in the studio this evening. There is only one way to capture that footage, and that is with a capture card. AVerMedia is here to make that capability available to the masses with their offering of computer-based and stand-alone capture devices.

If you are recording on computer games, they have an internal, PCIe-powered, capture device that allows you to capture and live-stream your computer screen over the Internet, called Game Broadcaster HD. It even gives the ability to incorporate commentary into the stream, making it a full, self-contained component for the hardcore PC gamer. If you want to record your console play, the company offers something for that, too. With their external capture device, Game Capture HD you can hook up any console, including the Wii, via component cable, and record either to the internal memory, or almost any external storage you may have.

If you have been looking for a good way to capture, stream and commentary your gaming, look no further than AVerMedia.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.