E3 2012 – Microsoft Recap – Third Parties 1

Xbox 360It wouldn’t be a Microsoft Press Conference without some a new Splinter Cell and that’s exactly what we got with Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Sam Fisher looked great and so did his artistic killings, thanks to the “killing in action” system that blends the stealth and action elements of the game together. It makes the pace of the game much faster without losing the challenge that comes along with needing to use tact for survival. Integration with Kinect gives you the ability to interact with enemies by distracting them and taunting them, which is in itself satisfying. You can also issue voice commands to teammates which adds new life to the unique ways you can kill people. We can all look forward to staining our hands with the blood of the guilty in Spring of 2013.

We briefly saw a Fable: The Journey preview that showcased Kinect capability, Gears of War world premiere and Forza Horizon preview which were cool but there isn’t much more to say about it.

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