myrow: Transforming the Concept 2 rower with connected tech @ CES 2024

myrow connected rowingmyrow is a company that aims to transform the Concept 2 Rowing Machine into a connected fitness device. The CEO and founder, Gary Simpson, came up with the idea during the pandemic when he found himself using the Concept 2 machine more frequently. However, he felt that the machine’s four-inch by four-inch monitor was boring and lacked engagement. He searched for apps that could enhance his rowing experience but found nothing that provided a fully integrated experience like a connected fitness bike.

myrow transforms Concept 2 into connected fitness

Recognizing the need for a more immersive and interactive rowing experience, Simpson decided to build a tablet add-on product for the Concept 2 Rowing Machine. The myrow tablet is a 22-inch tablet that offers all the content and features typically found in a connected fitness machine. By connecting the tablet to the Concept 2 machine’s monitor, users can access a more engaging and intuitive interface. The tablet displays workout data in a meaningful and useful way, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple buttons on the Concept 2 monitor.

One of the key advantages of the myrow tablet is its ability to provide real-time analytics and performance data. This feature is particularly beneficial for rowers who want to improve their technique and track their progress. Rowing is a learned technique that requires proper form and stroke metrics. By following along with instructors and mimicking their movements, users can learn and refine their rowing technique. The tablet provides visual cues, audio instructions, and even form guidance, such as the force curve, to help users optimize their workouts.

Additionally, myrow offers the option for coaches to deliver specific workouts through the Create Your Own Workout Custom Workout feature. Users can also share their workouts with friends, allowing for a collaborative and supportive fitness community. This flexibility in workout options and the ability to share and receive workouts from others adds to the overall versatility and inclusivity of myrow.

Beyond its instructional features, the myrow tablet also offers a range of other options for experienced rowers who prefer non-video workouts. The application includes preset workouts, the ability to create custom workouts, group rowing sessions with friends who also have the tablet, and training plans. This versatility caters to rowers of all skill levels and preferences.

Training virtually with friends

One of the key features of myrow is its ability to facilitate virtual rowing with friends. Through an internet connection, users can row together and see each other’s stats and metrics on the screen. This allows for friendly competition and the ability to set up group rows at any time and date of their choosing. This feature is particularly useful because it enables rowers to continue training year-round, even in adverse weather conditions such as winter with ice. Instead of relying on traditional biometric trackers in a lab setting, myrow provides real-time metric data for each individual person.

Conclusion: myrow enhances the at-home rowing experience

Overall, myrow’s goal is to enhance the Concept 2 Rowing Machine’s capabilities and provide users with a connected fitness experience. By integrating a larger and more interactive tablet, myrow transforms the Concept 2 into a fully immersive and engaging fitness device. Whether users want to follow along with instructors, track their performance data, or simply enjoy a challenging workout, myrow offers a comprehensive solution for rowers of all levels.

As for pricing, the myrow tablet with the mounting arm is priced at $499, and there is a monthly subscription fee of $29.99. At launch, the tablet will offer around 85 video workouts, a couple of hundred preset workouts, and the ability to create custom workouts. myrow plans to expand its video workout library over time.

To sign up for myrow, interested individuals can visit the website and join the mailing list. While orders are not being taken yet, they will be available by the end of February. The release date for the product is dependent on the arrival of the boat from overseas, but the company is confident that they will be able to deliver the product to customers by mid to late April.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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