ilume tracks your dog’s activity to prevent overfeeding @ CES 2024

ilume dog tracking and feedingAI-powered dog tracking and feeding is a revolutionary technology that aims to help dog owners better understand and care for their pets. This technology, developed by ilume, utilizes artificial intelligence to track a dog’s movements and accurately determine its caloric expenditure. By doing so, it can provide precise feeding recommendations, ensuring that dogs receive the perfect amount of food each day.

AI-powered dog tracking and feeding

The idea behind this technology stemmed from the founder and CEO of ilume, Craig Silbury’s, passion for dogs and his realization that many dogs are overweight or obese. Silbury recognized that dogs’ daily calorific requirements can vary significantly, even among dogs from the same litter with the same genetics, upbringing, and environment. Some dogs are naturally more active, while others prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. However, overfeeding is a common issue, leading to obesity, which is considered the leading cause of preventable death in dogs.

To address this problem, ilume developed a tracker that can recognize different types of motions, including walking, playing, scratching, and dreaming. By analyzing the intensity and frequency of these motions, the tracker can accurately determine a dog’s caloric expenditure. This information is then used to provide feeding recommendations through an app and an automatic bowl. The bowl is equipped with scales and rings that light up, indicating the precise amount of food needed for each meal. If too much food is added, the bowl will signal the owner to remove the excess.

How the technology works

The tracking fob, which is attached to the dog’s collar, plays a crucial role in collecting data. It recognizes various types of motions and sends this information to the cloud for analysis. By studying the dog’s past behavior patterns, the system can build a comprehensive profile of the dog’s nutritional needs for the day. Additionally, the technology has potential applications beyond tracking and feeding. It can also monitor a dog’s health conditions, such as seizures or diabetes, and provide valuable information to veterinarians for better diagnosis and treatment.

What sets this technology apart is its ability to adapt to a dog’s changing behavior patterns. It takes into account factors such as exercise levels, weather conditions, and the dog’s individual preferences. For example, if a dog typically receives more exercise on weekends, the technology will predict and adjust the feeding recommendations accordingly. Similarly, if it’s raining and the dog is less likely to go for a walk, the system will compensate for the reduced activity level. This ensures that the dog receives the appropriate amount of food each day, promoting a healthy weight and overall well-being.

While the specifics of the AI algorithms and technology used in this system are proprietary, the overall concept holds immense promise for dog owners. AI-powered dog tracking and feeding has the potential to revolutionize the way we care for our pets. By leveraging technology to understand a dog’s individual needs and behavior patterns, this innovation can help prevent obesity, promote overall health, and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.

Conclusion: AI makes for a healthier dog

In conclusion, AI-powered dog tracking and feeding is an innovative solution that addresses the issue of overfeeding and obesity in dogs. By accurately tracking a dog’s movements and using AI algorithms to determine its caloric expenditure, this technology provides precise feeding recommendations. The system adapts to a dog’s changing behavior patterns, ensuring that it receives the appropriate amount of food each day. Additionally, the technology can monitor a dog’s health conditions and provide valuable information to veterinarians. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to significantly improve the well-being of dogs and enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners.

The ilume pet tracker is currently available for pre-order. Current pre-orders are going for $300 with a limited number available. To pre-order yours, head to the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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