BeAware: Accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing @ CES 2024

BeAware Deaf Assistant appThe Deaf Assistant app is a revolutionary tool that aims to improve accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. Developed by BeAware, this app serves as a personal assistant for deaf people in their everyday lives, providing them with a range of functionalities that enhance their security and ease of communication.

Deaf assistant app for accessibility

Deaf Assistant, developed by BeAware, is a groundbreaking app that offers free accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. The app provides various features and services that aim to improve communication and inclusivity for the deaf community.

The app offers a free version of its services, making it accessible to a wide range of users. BeAware understands that individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing already face hurdles in their everyday lives, and the app aims to eliminate any additional barriers by providing free accessibility. This commitment to inclusivity is commendable and reflects the company’s mission to enable people and ensure equal opportunities for all.

In addition to its free accessibility, Deaf Assistant also offers premium features for users who require more extensive services. For example, the app provides API access for enterprise users, allowing them to integrate the app’s transcripts into their own applications. This is particularly useful for developers creating apps for smart glasses or other wearable devices. By utilizing Deaf Assistant’s APIs, developers can easily incorporate speech-to-text capabilities into their applications without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Transcribing and translating real life

One of the key features of the Deaf Assistant app is its ability to convert any live in-person event into an accessible experience for the deaf within just 15 seconds. This feature, known as Conference Captioning, is particularly useful for events where sign language interpreters may not be available or for older individuals who may not be familiar with sign language.

For example, imagine attending a church service where older individuals struggle to understand and follow what is happening due to their hearing impairment. With the Deaf Assistant app, event organizers can provide live captions for the entire service, ensuring that everyone feels included and connected. This eliminates the need for hearing aids, which may not work effectively in noisy environments or with air interference.

To utilize Conference Captioning, event organizers simply need to wire themselves into the app and provide a unique URL or QR code to the hearing-impaired attendees. These attendees can then either download the app or access the captions directly through the provided URL. The app can be customized with the organizer’s branding colors, creating a seamless and personalized experience.

Additionally, the Deaf Assistant app offers live translation capabilities. This means that events can be made accessible not only to the deaf community but also to individuals who speak different languages. For instance, if an event organizer wants to cater to French-speaking attendees, they can simply provide a link for live captions in French.

People are already loving it

The app was launched in 2021 and has already garnered a significant user base, with over 13,000 users across 50 countries. According to analytics, these users utilize the app at least four times every day, highlighting its immense value and popularity within the deaf community.

The Deaf Assistant app has received recognition and acclaim, being featured by Apple and reaching the number-one spot on Hacker News. Its success can be attributed to its simplicity and effectiveness in addressing the accessibility needs of the deaf community.


In conclusion, the Deaf Assistant app developed by BeAware is a game-changer in improving accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. Its Conference Captioning feature allows for live captions at events, ensuring that the deaf community can actively participate and engage. With its user-friendly interface and live translation capabilities, the app is a valuable tool for enhancing communication and inclusivity. By providing a simple and effective solution, the Deaf Assistant app is revolutionizing accessibility and empowering individuals with hearing impairments to navigate their everyday lives with ease.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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