Perfect Memory: Futuristic corporate knowledge management @ CES 2024

Perfect Memory knowledge operating systemPerfect Memory is a company that aims to streamline corporate knowledge by creating a well of easily accessible information for organizations. They work with companies to generate mission-critical knowledge that can be easily accessed by all staff and partners, making it easier for them to carry out their day-to-day activities.

Perfect Memory: streamlining corporate knowledge

The company has developed a knowledge operating system that fetches knowledge from various sources within the organization and brings it into one single context. This includes both technical and historical information, such as operational data, AI algorithms, scripts, formulas, and even media content like shots from movies or sports events.

Perfect Memory’s goal is to help the brain process and access information more easily by structuring and providing better access to it. It’s important to note that AI is a valuable tool in achieving this, but it is not the only solution. The challenge lies in bringing all the scattered information from the internet, social media, and other sources together and making it useful in the decision-making process.

One of the main challenges in building corporate knowledge is the scattered nature of information within organizations. Perfect Memory addresses this issue by creating a comprehensive database that includes all types of information. The goal is to make this knowledge retrievable and easily accessible for everyone. For example, a journalist could quickly search for specific segments of video footage featuring LeBron James celebrating in his iconic yellow jersey, enabling them to create a better story from hours of footage.

Handling different types of data

Currently, there is no directory or centralized source of knowledge within companies, making it time-consuming and inefficient to search for specific information. Perfect Memory’s platform acts as a knowledge graph, connecting to various data sources, both internal and external, to gather all the relevant information. This includes connecting to AI algorithms, external databases, and other sources of structured and unstructured data.

The service also addresses the challenge of different types of data requiring different processes. For example, written documents require different AI processes than videos. Perfect Memory has a workflow engine that orchestrates the right AI processes and data sources to bring everything into one context that is easily understood by everyone in the organization.

Implementing Perfect Memory in your company

When a company hires Perfect Memory, there is a build phase that involves working closely with the customer for a period of six weeks to six months. The time variation comes from the amount of data being injected, the number of sources, and more. During this time, the company understands the customer’s needs and pain points in accessing knowledge. The goal is to fluidify knowledge sharing and bring value to the organization.


In conclusion, Perfect Memory is a company that streamlines corporate knowledge by creating a centralized and easily accessible repository of information. Their knowledge operating system connects to various data sources and applies the right AI processes to bring all the information into one context. By doing so, Perfect Memory aims to improve efficiency, productivity, and knowledge sharing within organizations.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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