DeNova Detect is an essential natural gas detector @ CES 2023

DeNova Detect Natural Gas DetectorThese days, we have a lot of sensors in our homes. Nearly everyone has a fire alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm. In addition, we’ve got motion sensors, security cameras, smart speakers and thermostats with presence detection, and a lot more. But, one threat detection that appears to be missing for no known reason is natural gas detection. New Cosmos USA is looking to change this with the DeNova Detect natural gas detector.

What is DeNova Detect?

DeNova Detect is a natural gas detector that uses superior patented sensor technology to detect gas concentrations up to 11 minutes sooner than other technologies. The product line also features an advanced algorithm that ensures false alarms due to household chemicals and sprays are eliminated. The gas sensor is designed with minimal power consumption, allowing it to run on one battery for up to 10 years.

DeNova Detect also has a revolutionary design that allows it to be installed close to the ceiling where natural gas accumulates, eliminating the need for a potentially dangerous and unattractive cord. Finally, DeNova Detect is designed with a panic-reducing voice alert that instructs people in a simple way: “Danger – Gas leak explosion risk – evacuate, then call 911.”

Why do you need DeNova Detect?

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas (though processed gas has a light smell added for safety) that can be difficult to detect. In recent years, the number of natural gas leaks has increased significantly. These leaks can lead to physical issues for people and pets. But, at its worst, can lead to explosions.

The quantity of natural gas explosions has gone up significantly in recent years. While experts aren’t entirely sure why this is happening, the most likely cause is the aging infrastructure used to transfer the gas to our homes. As the system ages, leaks are bound to increase. On top of that, better construction processes might actually be trapping the leaking gas in homes in a way that previously might not have been the case.

DeNova Detect is specifically designed to detect natural gas and alert you of its presence so you can take the proper safety precautions. Without DeNova Detect, it would be nearly impossible to know when there is a potential gas leak in your home or business, especially if you are not at home or asleep. DeNova Detect provides a level of protection that is essential for any household.


What DeNova Detect provides is a valuable service that can help save lives and property in the event of a gas emergency. The product is an affordable solution for homeowners, renters, business owners and anyone else who could benefit from early detection of natural gas. DeNova Detect provides peace of mind and protection from the unexpected.

The DeNova Detect smart gas sensor will be available soon. To learn more about the company or the platform, or to sign up to be alerted when the product becomes available, head over to the product website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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