Dog-E is the robotic companion you’ve been waiting for @ CES 2023

Dog-E by WowWeeIf you’ve been in the electronics world for a while, you know that robotic pets have been a popular product category for a long time. However, they generally come with some problems. Generally, they are too expensive, don’t do anything actually interesting, or both. One company has tried to tackle this problem for years and has hit upon a robotic companion that people will want – Dog-E from WowWee.

Who is WowWee?

WowWee has been around for a decade and is dedicated to creating unique robotic toys. The company is best known for the Roboraptor and Robosapien, which have both become iconic toys. These products created a new product category for kids and families, with the ability to interact with the robots and, in some instances, do some basic programming. However, the skill sets were still fairly limited, so, while popular, the devices remained niche.

What Is Dog-E?

Dog-E is a unique robotic pet that comes with a variety of personalities and temperaments for you to choose from. From the moment you begin interacting with your companion, it mints a unique personality just for you. And, as you continue to interact with it, the personality is revealed in bigger and more obvious ways. For example, the eyes might light up a particular color early on to indicate a certain characteristic. In addition, Dog-E’s tail has the ability to show personality traits through LED-powered icons.

However, if you would prefer to customize your companion, as opposed to using the one minted for you, you have the ability to change characteristics through the companion mobile app. Whether you’re looking for a licky & loving dog or one that’s protective & hungry – Dog-E has it all! It also features artificial intelligence so it can learn how to respond better to your commands the more it interacts with you. Plus, its adorable appearance makes it an irresistible companion.

Interaction With Dog-E

The best part of having a robot pet is that you get to watch as it develops its own unique personality and interacts with you in different ways. Dog-E comes equipped with a variety of sensors that help it interact with you, including touch sensors to detect when it’s being touched, infrared vision to bounce light off objects, and an array of microphones to pick up sounds. Once it starts interacting with you, Dog-E can become playful & energetic or sweet & lazy depending on your interaction style.


Dog-E is the perfect robotic companion for anyone looking for a pet that is both fun and interactive. With its customizable personalities and artificial intelligence, this product has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a licky & loving friend or one that’s protective & hungry – Dog-E has it all. Plus, its adorable appearance makes it an irresistible companion that you’ll love interacting with!

Dog-E is expected to come onto the market just in time for Holiday 2023 and will retail for $79.99. To learn more about Dog-E or pre-order your own robotic companion, you can head over to the product page.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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