Quantiq: Turn any camera or phone into a medical scanner @ CES 2022

Quantiq medical scannerOver the past few years, the importance of telemedicine has grown significantly. What was once considered forbidden is now commonplace. We can talk to a doctor remotely, send vital statistics from home, and even have a full checkup all remotely. Our phones have become an integral part of our health regiment, and with Quantiq, it’s going to become an even more valuable tool for patients and doctors alike.

What is Quantiq?

Quantiq turns any camera or phone into a medical scanner. This software solution extends any camera, webcam, or smartphone to make it a medical device for remote patient monitoring, telemetry, and remote diagnoses. The system combines medical expertise, physics, advanced image processing, and artificial intelligence to decode your health markers with just your camera. A single shot of a few seconds is enough to get pulse, respiratory rate, and more.

This impressive breakthrough means that a patient doesn’t need to purchase a whole collection of devices to monitor their health. Rather than requiring a pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and more, it can all be done with the camera you already carry in your pocket. You simply take a short video of a few seconds and

Who is Quantiq for?

Quantiq is perfect for any doctor who needs to monitor a patient remotely. Rather than lending or leasing expensive, complicated, and damageable equipment to a patient, you can simply ask them to use their own phone or computer. This makes it easier for them and less expensive for the doctor. Plus, it means they don’t have to learn a new piece of equipment.

It would also be great to offer to patients of in-home health services. For example, after a heart attack, a family member will likely have a home health aide visit regularly. They’ll take vital signs and log them into a system. If you’re lucky, they might even give you equipment to take measurements on your own when they are away. If they, instead, used the Quantiq platform, they could eliminate the extra equipment costs by just using the phone camera or webcam the patient already has. Plus, it’s something they are already familiar with using.

You can install the system locally on-premises for just your clients, or you can use it in the cloud in a software as a service model. Either way, you get access to the full suite of capabilities, all accessible through a robust Cobox API. This gives you the ability to build the Quantiq technology into your own application suite to enhance its capabilities. Perhaps you are a consumer electronics company that offers things like scales and smart mirrors. You could add Quantiq into your system to provide additional health benefits without having to enhance your technology. The camera that is built into the mirror would likely be enough to be able to get a clear video for analysis. This would make the value proposition of your product significantly better.


Quantiq is the perfect tool for telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and health care products. To learn more about Quantiq and how you might use it, check out their website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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