Morphée: a brand that designed a better night’s sleep @ CES 2022

Morphée sleep aidesMany people struggle with getting good sleep. Whether it’s stress or noise, guests or lights, lots of things can affect your patterns. A lot of research has been done on how to improve sleep, but it is usually confined to sleep clinics. The problem is that you don’t live at a sleep clinic – you live at home. Morphée brings the results of sleep research into your home to improve your sleep quality.


Morphée is a brand that was created with the intention of designing better nights. The company’s story started in 2016 when flatmates Charlie and Guillaume decided to combine their talents. Charlie is a born entrepreneur and Guillaume is a marketer with a creative spirit. They set about to help improve the quality of sleep for people around the world.

The parent company, Audiozen, has done extensive research into sleep and design to create products that promote sleep and relaxation. They have partnered with designers, doctors, sophrologists (sophrology), and sleep centers to develop their nighttime lineup for adults as well as children.

In 2020, Morphée welcomed My Little Morphée which introduces meditation to children. They also partnered with new collaborators and expanded abroad in 2020. Foreign distributors have joined the team, and the brand is continuing to grow. They offer their products in new countries through partners and dedicated online shops.

The solutions

The company offers a couple of different Zen products. The original Morphée device is designed for adults and brings a sense of elegance to its design. The new My Little Morphée is designed for children and has a fun and whimsical design instead.

One of the common traits between the products is the lack of a screen. Everything is controlled mechanically so that there is nothing obvious and visual to distract your attention. It also means that, without digital components, there are no additional electromagnetic waves in the room and near your head. Everything is controlled by keys on the surface of the device.

Both products also focus on personal meditation. The goal is for the user to be able to enjoy “quiet breaks” away from external stimuli. This quiet time helps put the user into a state of calm, allowing for easier and more restful sleep. It also sets the user’s emotional state into a place of personal confidence and encourages emotional versatility.

The products

The prime device, the Morphée, is a puck with three key-like dials. The first key chooses a theme between 8 choices. The second key chooses your session, with each theme having 8 unique sessions. The third key allows you to determine the length of your session, either 8 or 20 minutes. Altogether there are 210 possibilities.

The kids’ device, My Little Morphée, works similar to its more advanced sibling. There are 2 keys and an hourglass in this case, however. The first key once again sets the theme, while the second key sets the universe in which they want to travel. They can choose desert, forest, island, and more. The hourglass on the side is used to determine the length of the session. Altogether there are 192 possibilities on this device.


Everyone can do with a better night’s sleep, and Morphée is here to help. Both products are available now for $99.99. To learn more about the product or to purchase one for yourself, you can head to the company’s website or Amazon.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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