Sugr makes for clearer digital assistant experiences @ CES 2021

Sugr voice enhancement systemAnyone who has ever owned a virtual assistant has had the experience of calling them without them ever responding. Or, even weirder, is when you don’t summon them and they respond. After they are paying attention, it’s not guaranteed that things will go as planned. Commands can be misinterpreted or completely ignored. A lot of this has to do with the sound happening around you. Fortunately, Sugr has a solution for the future.

The company provides embedded voice technology to improve experiences. The technology can be built into many devices, making the voice of the user clearer to the listener. That listener could be a virtual assistant, or it could be someone on a headset or speakerphone. This can be a big win for many people in many scenarios.

One example where Sugr’s technology can make a great impact is in the car. Obviously, when in the car, there is a lot of external noise. The car itself makes noise, there’s road noise while in motion, other cars can honk their horn, etc. Trying to use a voice assistant in the car, therefore, can be a really hit or miss experience. Amazon tried to address the issue by including extra hardware to create a better version of regular noise cancelation – a third microphone.

Sugr’s voice technology is able to produce a better noise cancelation, and therefore a better Alexa experience, without the extra microphone. Less physical hardware means less to break and less inherent cost. Plus, the voice isolation can be used while on the phone, reducing the background noise, which is something the person you talk to on the phone will appreciate.

If you are a device manufacturer looking for voice technology to improve their product, you can learn more at the Sugr website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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