Petpuls is a wearable, using AI to give your dog a voice @ CES 2021

Petpuls dog emotional analysisWearable health tech has become a normal part of our lives. Many people wear a smartwatch or fitness tracker on their wrists that tracks your activity. Some people wear more specialized devices, like DFree, to track more specific medical issues. But, this is catering specifically to humans – but we love our pets almost as much as we love people. Petpuls recognizes this, and is bringing the benefits of wearable devices to your dogs.

Petpuls is a specialized collar that gives your dog a voice. Essentially, the idea is that your dog is speaking to you. Anyone who has had dogs knows that they can express their feelings and physical states with their barking. Different tones are used in different scenarios and to express different emotions. However, it can be difficult for humans to detect those differences. For those who can differentiate, it can still be difficult to figure out what they want or need.

This is where Petpuls comes in. Using a microphone, the collar has the ability to listen to your pet’s voice. Using artificial intelligence, the system is able to take that voice and translate it into simple English. Now, it’s not going to give you the ability to hold conversations with your dog, but it does give you the ability to determine several emotional states that your dog might be in: happy, sad, anxious, relaxed, and angry. This can give you the ability to respond to help relieve negative states or help maintain positive states.

Because the system is powered by AI, it means that the more devices that are in the wild, and the more of them in active use, the better the detection will get. In fact, with time, the nuances between these states might be able to be broken out into more detailed categories.

The Petpuls is available now for $99 for the small size and $108 for the large size. To learn more or make a purchase, head over to the Petpuls website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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