Rendever is allowing seniors to get back into the world @ CES 2021

Rendever senior virtual realitySocial isolation has been a growing problem in modern life and has grown worse in the past year. It’s a particular problem for the older population, many of whom have had major life changes, moving out of their homes and into various versions of eldercare. While in younger days, they may have been used to going out for a day of fun or traveling the world, in older life, these abilities may have been lost. This is the problem that Rendever is looking to solve.

Rendever merges two surprising things into one – seniors and virtual reality equipment. Now, we have all seen prank videos where kids introduce their grandparents to virtual reality through shocking environments, but this is certainly not that. In fact, the company is using virtual reality equipment to create environments to reduce the social isolation that seniors feel. These seniors can explore the world, whether it be new places that they always wanted to see, or even revisit locations that hold special meaning.

The best part of this technology is the ability to go on these experiences together. Other residents of a facility or family members can come by, wear their own headsets, and virtually travel together. Imagine being able to have another family vacation or a recreation of a honeymoon, all without having to leave your facility or bringing staff with you.

The technology is already being used in some high-profile senior living facilities, through healthcare systems like UCHealth and Cleveland Clinic, and has commercial partnerships with AARP and Verizon. While the system was designed to be used in facilities, the oddity of 2020 has led the company to explore the future possibility of remote group experiences, as well.

To learn more about Rendever and its VR technology, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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