BenjiLock is protecting many aspects of your daily life @ CES 2021

BenjiLock biometric locksSince its first outing at CES 2017, Robbie Cabral, founder of BenjiLock, has consistently worked to bring his vision of a more convenient and more secure world to reality. Our team has had the privilege of following his journey, from concept to Shark Tank and Hampton Products to today.

Last year, just before the world came to a halt, Robbie stopped by our studio to discuss upcoming products. While 2020 took a toll on the timeline of these new products, Robbie and the team at Hampton Products have managed to bring all of these products to market for 2021.

Our favorite new product last year was the BenjiLock Door Lock. In fact, we liked it so much, we secure our office and studio with one. We were in good company, as the product received a CES Innovation Award last year. This product merges the best of both companies, with BenjiLock’s fingerprint reading technology combined with the long history of security products made by Hampton Products. Honestly, we have really enjoyed the convenience of the fingerprint reader for entrance by our team. We added to it the Hampton Push-Pull-Rotate doorknob, so even with our hands full of equipment, we can open the door.

Coming at a close second was the new bike lock. When exercising, I always try to carry as little as possible, and that includes my keys. Being able to lock a bicycle while out without the need for a key is ideal for my experience. It seems like I cannot be the exception, but likely closer to the rule. Anyone wearing proper cycling gear will find it difficult to store a key for any lock, let alone their bike.

The BenjiLock Bike Lock is available for $79.99 and the Door Lock is available for $159.99. To find out what colors are available, to make a purchase, or to learn more about the BenjiLock product line, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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