Chumaround brings like-minded people together for travel and dining

Chumaround Local Travel ExperiencesImagine being able to travel to a particular city without the fear of not knowing anyone or where to go to get the best experience possible. Chumaround is now available to help alleviate that problem. Michael Cruz is the CEO and is very excited to share his business to help people with their travel experiences. Chumaround is a web-based platform that connects travelers with locals who are like-minded in their interests.

Based in Orlando, they currently have 6500 hosts available in 100 of the biggest cities in America and are rapidly growing in Europe and Asia. After being compared to a tour guide, Michael says “We are everything a tour guide is not.” He gives the example of being a “traditional traveler”: having taken pictures from a bus window and posting them on Facebook. With Chumaround, you get to become an “experiential traveler”, that being one who can truly experience the full culture, food, and people of the area. You can enjoy it much more because you are getting the effect by sharing it with someone who shares your interests and appreciation. You can and are supporting locals when you sign up for Chumaround.

In addition to making travel engaging, Chumaround can be an exciting and very beneficial tool to use if you are relocating to a new area. One of the most challenging parts of moving to a new area is meeting and making nee friends. Whether it be for relocating for business or starting a new married life or even going to college, this can help ease your frustrations and make your life a lot easier because you have people to associate with that are like yourself in their interests.

This new and exciting platform is currently available now globally. For more information and to book an experience, go the website.

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