Locelle is helping women connect and excel in today’s workplace

Locelle Social NetworkingIn most professional industries, it is difficult for women to make connections and meet like-minded women in the workplace. This problem has created a huge hurdle for women to overcome in their careers. Humaira Ahmed has been working on ways to improve this dilemma with her company, Locelle. Locelle is a safe engagement application for women to easily connect for support and mentorship. This app is like a more personalized LinkedIn for women to expand their networks through business connections, friendship, or even helpful conversation with women from similar backgrounds, industries, and organizations.

Locelle provides its users with curated matches based upon things like their professional and personal interests, and industry, as well as preferred meetup. A woman using this platform can easily establish a meaningful, long-lasting professional relationship such as mentorship by just creating a profile. You can even attend events that are related to the Locelle mission to make those initial connections in person before adding them to your network in the app.

Many women struggle with the culture of their day to day in the office due to a majority of today’s industries facing a male-dominated atmosphere. This can be detrimental to a woman’s confidence, network, and even their overall career. Locelle prides themselves with helping to establish meaningful relationships that can assist women in these situations. One way they accomplish this is by facilitating interaction with other women who may have already tackled problems similar to what you are currently facing. Advice is very important to help someone excel in their career and very helpful to learn from others and their situations. It is not about just surviving in your workplace; it’s about thriving and progressing in your career! Every obstacle is a stepping stone into a better you and you can share your experiences with other women that get it.

Locelle is available now for download through iOS and Android users. The app launched first in Canada with currently 1,000 users and is looking to expand its horizons. For more information on Locelle, you can visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under @locelleapp.

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