You’ve never had this much fun exploring a city in your life!

Driftscape Local GuideChloe Duesberg is the CEO and co-founder of an exciting new company called Driftscape. Driftscape is a mobile app platform for local cultural organizations to share their information and events. It enables them to reach a broader audience and, more importantly, gives users a great way to find in-depth information about local arts, culture, and history, all in one place.

Driftscape is a mobile app that provides a platform for local organizations that shares site-specific stories, tours, and events. It’s a great resource to find out what’s happening in a particular city. The easy to use platform even pairs nicely with augmented reality modes to provide a fun new way to tour, explore and discover hidden gems all around you. Simply hold your phone up and zoom around to find markers that represent places of interest and read all about them. You can find events that are happening along with places of 
interest as well as tours. There is so much to explore. It’s perfect when looking for new things to do in your home town and even better when you are traveling. Take Toronto, for example, where Collision Conference 2019 was located. There are over 30 local organizations already using the platform. This is perfect for tourists who are looking for points of interest and things to do, and also for business travelers who may not have a lot of time to see all of the sites and want make the most what’s around them during their downtime. And also great for locals to find something in their city that they never even realized was there.

The best part is, for Users, the app is free and it provides a great way to explore what’s around you. Simply select what you’re interested in it, and start walking. You’ll be notified when there’s something nearby. And for Organizations, Driftscape is a powerful tool that helps them get your stories out there, as well as potentially generate more interest and possibly revenue.

Learn more details by watching the full interview and visit their website to find out more about what Driftscape can do for you.

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