You’ll Love the Sound Personalization of These Headphones

BeyerDynamic HeadphonesNew this year for beyerdynamic are the Aventho Wireless Headphones, which can be personalized to each individual via the MIY App. Thanks to Tesla technology, these mobile Bluetooth headphones offer optimum sound by acoustically adapting to the user’s hearing. This is accomplished with integrated sound personalization that delivers perfect sound from any music source. Individual sound profiles are created in the app, where you can easily adjust the sensitivity. Battery life is 30+ hours and there is intuitive handling using the touchpad that is integrated in the right ear cup. There is also a high-quality hands-free microphone built in for phone calls. The app is available for both Android and Apple and the price of the headphones is $449. Get yours here.

Also revealed at CES 2018 is their Tesla, in-ear headset called XELENTO REMOTE. They use highly efficient miniaturized Tesla technology drivers and high-resolution sound for an audiophile lifestyle on the go. With its Universal 3-button remote and mic for most Apple and Android devices, it is also has Ergonomically shaped casings that are coupled with perfectly molded ear tips which are available in 10 sizes. Exclusive materials are used in the design, like silver-plated detachable cable and high-gloss housing. They sit in the ear for maximum comfort to allow for longer play times. Pricing starts at $999 and they can be ordered on Amazon.

Interview by Marissa Schiereck of The New Product Launchpad.
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