Exciting New Way to Share Your Experiences with Trupe

TrupeTrupe is a new social media app for sharing pics, experiences and comments. What could possibly be different about this new app to set it apart from all of the others, you ask? Well, this one actually has a unique component that is pretty cool.

Trupe is a narrowcasting network. It uses an open platform and links users within a certain proximity of each other. It’s a great way to share certain experiences with others around you, to expand upon and enhance them with added photos, videos, comments and suggestions that are shared by those who are in the same 100 meter zone. And those zones are fluid, as users move around so do the zones. Each group is knows as a Trupe.

For example, the creators of the app started a Trupe right there at the convention center. Anybody in the area with the app could join the Trupe and share content. As users move around, the app will concentrate on those who are sharing the most content. So in this case, as attendees went to social events after hours, the content continued on to those locations. If you end up out of range, you will become a Snuper, which allows you to still view the content and make comments, but not upload pictures, until you are back in range. The Trupes will stay active as long as least two members are in the same proximity. When there are no longer two Trupers sharing the same zone, that session will end and the content within will stay active for 24 hours, giving everyone involved the chance to save the pictures and videos that they want to keep.

We thought this app was a lot of fun and came up with countless ideas for both the open groups, which are free to use, and the private groups that are available at a premium. Trupes can be opened at office settings, colleges, conventions, sporting events, concerts, weddings and even during vacations.

Trupe is currently available for iOS and will be coming soon for Android.

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