Children Learning the Value of Money with LittleEarners

LittleEarnersIt’s never too soon to teach young minds about the value of money and how to budget for what they want. With LittleEarners your children have the ability to set financial goals and plan how to reach them. Within the app, kids decide what things they want to spend their money on, and enter the money that they earn towards those goals.

For parents, in the grocery store when kids ask for those impulse items, they can check the app themselves and decide whether they want to take money from one of their objectives. This is the time when they learn about their priorities and it will teach kids about smart money behavior. Parents can have more than one child on an app.

LittleEarners will be available for Andrioid and iOS and a web app. While it is free to participate in the beta, future costs are unknown.

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