Amazing Solutions by Capturing The Science of Behavior

DNA BehaviorEmotions play a big part in our lives. How we react to the various social and environmental fluctuations that occur throughout the day can have a major impact on our temperament and decision making processes. The folks at DNA Behavior wanted to know how these factors translate over to making decisions in the world of finance and business. So they took this concept to the next level by coming up with a process for discovering and understanding these triggers, along with their corresponding prescriptive behavior.

The company provides behavior analytics through various tailor-made questionnaires. Their basic questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete and can get to the core behavior of an individual. This process goes beyond simply providing a personality profile and gets into predictive behavior to assist financial planners in learning to interact on a more personal level with their clients. Soon, they will be able to identify their clients’ propensity for risk, biases and conditions that impact their decisions. This is also very useful in Business and Human Resources as it allows companies to find the perfect candidates as well as make their current teams more cohesive and productive.

There are several packages available, depending upon the level of insight required by the company. There are also questionnaires available for individuals. Visit their website to learn more and to take one of their demo questionnaires.

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