All Your Food Cravings Can Be Satisfied in a Jiffy with Menuver

MenuverHave you ever walked in to a restaurant, sat down and while looking at the menu, realized there was nothing there that you wanted? By that time it’s too late to leave. Or imagine driving around and getting a craving for a certain food. If you had the Menuver app, all that hassle could be avoided.

Menuver is a food app for restaurants to publish their menu for your convenience. You can plan ahead what you want to eat, order it and pay for it before you even sit down at the restaurant. You also have the ability to pay for your own food separate from your friends, as it is an app on your phone. There is also there ability to search for specific foods and where to find them. For example, if Nakia is looking for lobster mac & cheese bisque, he would be able to find it!

Currently, Menuver is available only in the Philippines, and hoping to hit 20 countries in 5 years. This free app will be available for iOS and Android.

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