Cosmo Connected is Ensuring the Safety of Motorcyclists at CES

Cosmo LogoTechnology can do a lot to help keep us safe on the road. And that’s exactly what Cosmo Connected is doing with its rear-mountable helmet light for motorcyclists. Todd spoke to Roman at the Cosmo Connected booth during CES. Roman showed how his company’s smart light easily attaches to the back of a standard helmet (using magnets) to help provide visibility while on the road. Here are some highlights:

  • Connected brake light with built-in accelerometer, light is engaged when driver reduces speed
  • Built-in gyroscope can detect if the driver has fallen or been in an accident
  • In the case of a fall or accident, the light sends a confirmation to the driver’s phone to see if they’re OK, if no confirmation is received, the light will prompt an incoming call from an operator to check on the driver, if there’s no answer after two attempts, the operator will contact emergency services and the driver’s emergency contact
  • Cosmo Connected light charges via USB connection
  • The light can be set to flash mode so it can be used by bicyclists or other non-motorcycle drivers

Cosmo Connected is expected to retail for $99 for the light. The remote operator service may run between $2 and $3 per month.

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