Best and Most Affordable Cases Ever for Your Devices

Catalyst CaseActive lifestyles and mobile devices don’t really go together. But none of us want to leave our tech behind while we are out enjoying our favorite activities. When we bring them with us, it’s stressful to find a good safe place to keep, not to mention the fact that we want to be able to text, take pictures and engage in social media while we’re out having fun.

There are some shock and water resistant cases out there but they tend to be bulky and you can’t always hear your calls and content very well. Enter Catalyst Cases. The owners/creators have very adventurous lives and they ran into the same problems as the rest of us while trying to protect their mobile phones, watches and tablets. So they set out to design cases that would fit perfectly into their adventures and they achieved just that.

Catalyst cases can now boast to be the finest all around 360° protection for your devices. They offer total protection in a simple, yet rugged design. They are slim and lightweight with basic color schemes. The backs are clear to showcase the design of the device itself. The phone cases are waterproof to 33 feet and the watch cases are waterproof to 133 feet. They have also been military tested drop proof to 6.6 feet. So you’re free to go enjoy the activities that you love and stay connected at the same time.

They didn’t stop with designing with the look, feel and toughness of these cases. They also engineered them for great sound. Because what good is a phone that you can’t hear through? The cases are designed with airtight waterproof acoustic membranes that use True Sound Acoustics technology for the best possible sound clearly. As for ease of use, you have full access to all of the buttons, sensors, cameras, flash and the Touch ID.

The Catalyst cases are available for iPhone 6 models and up, as well as for the Apple Watch, the iPad Pro and Mini 4. One of the best features is that the prices are very reasonable and start at just 59.99. Pick one out for yourself at Amazon.

Interview by Allante Sparks of PLuGHiTz Live Special Events for the Tech Podcast Network.

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