Turn the Tables on Silence with Monster’s Rockin’ Roller 3 and GLO Speaker

My Monster AudioAround the corner from the primary Monster Products booth we encountered My Monster Audio, home to some of the most unique Monster speakers available.

First up was the Rockin’ Roller 3, a truly multi-purpose device. This 100-watt speaker offers an internal battery, which allows for portability and 100 hours of playtime, NOAA weather radio for when you’re using it while camping or during a storm and IPX4 water resistance. Here’s where things get really interesting: it also has microphone and guitar inputs, making this a Monster-branded guitar amp. All of this makes the speaker a little heavy, but fortunately it comes on wheels.

Finally, we saw the GLO, a lantern-inspired outdoor speaker. On two sides of this speaker are LED panels, keeping the lantern functionality, while on the other 2 sides are speakers. A combined 20-watts, the GLO has 8 hours of battery life and is IPX5 dust and water resistant. This makes it perfect for regular outdoor usage, which is exactly where you want a lantern. It also offers the ability to sync up to 8 speakers, both GLO and others, together to fill a large area, like around a pool, with music.

The Rockin’ Roller 3 is available at Sam’s Club for $179, and the GLO will be available in March for $129.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the Tech Podcast Network.

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