Altec Lansing Adds Video Recording to Its DJ Headphones

alteclansing-headphonesIn today’s headphone market, it is getting harder and harder to differentiate yourself. There are really 2 ways to do it: price and features. Altec Lansing, in their 2016 lineup, have decided to go both ways.

First, they have introduced a line of colorful Bluetooth headphones that come in at an astoundingly low price: $39.99. The company didn’t skimp on the quality to accomplish this price, either. These headphones will be great for people looking for inexpensive headphones.

On the other hand, they have introduced some headphones and earbuds with some really cool features. For example, waterproof individual earbuds that contain GPS so if you lose one or both, you can easily track it down to its last known location.

Additionally, there is the DVR DJ headphone. These headphones contain an HD camera which allows you to record point-of-view video right from your headphones. This is great for DJs, skateboarders and more. These are coming soon for $199.

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