Oasis Introduces Unique Headphones Without any Headphones

oasisOasis headphones by Audasis offer a different look, feel and customization to the ever-competing market of noise-canceling headphones.

For starters, Oasis actually augments your existing, favorite earbuds and not only reduce ambient noise, but also add bluetooth technology to make them wireless. They aim for a sleek, clean look as there are invisible buttons and no ports on the headphones. The eco-friendly device features 20-to-30 useable hours of battery life and CEO Phil Diamond said they plan on shipping with zero packaging. Instead, the headphones will come in a protective case that can charge the Oasis, wireless dongle and up to two devices by way of a USB port simultaneously. The case also features a customizable e-ink display and its lock is app controlled.

Diamond said the target price for the headphones is $150 and are aiming to be shipped by the fourth quarter of 2016. Oasis is coming soon to Kickstarter and more information can be found at audasis.com.

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