11th Year of CES Coverage

ces15Join the Tech Podcast Networks 11th year of covering at CES. The Tech Podcast Network has provided independent non-biased coverage of 3,000+ plus companies, with coverage reaching between 30 million to 45 million consumers annually. From humble beginnings covering the show walking the floor to our incredible broadcast studio location outside of North Hall, no independent team has provided more coverage of CES than the Tech Podcast Network.

Our broadcast studio will double as a communications lounge for our coverage team and our partners. It  will be the nexus of top product coverage at CES 2016.

UPDATED: We are 100% Booked for the 2016 Show one week before show open. We’ll create 40 hours of product coverage from our broadcast booth. We are limited to 110 interview slots across the four days of the show, so only the best products in each product category will be featured at our broadcast booth. Chosen vendors will sit down with our team on camera to demonstrate / show off their product to our worldwide audience.

Throughout the show, our 3 floor teams will be cruising the floor finding products and services that are new and noteworthy. We expect to interview 150+ companies from the show floor.

Promotion Opportunities for Your Clients and Company

In addition to guest interviews — and since we are an advertiser-supported network — we have limited partner opportunities. A comprehensive promotion package starting at $1,000 offers your client extra exposure at the show and online during a 90 day period. Contact us for details.  Note: Companies do not have to sponsor or be a partner to be interviewed by the Tech Podcast Network Team on the floor or in the broadcast booth..

awardsTPN Picks Awards Ceremony

The third annual TPN Picks Awards Ceremony will be live on the last day of the show. Our team will pick up to 10 of the best products of CES and present the awards during a special two-hour broadcast.

Gear Giveaways

Every year vendors donate thousands of dollars of products to be given away to our audience. Vendors do not need bring any gear to the show, only commit to a set quantity and then ship to the winners post show. We will promote each vendor’s giveaway across our network and to our network partners before the show. Your product will also be promoted in pre-show mailing list sent to our family of audiences.

Team Coverage

2016 is going to be an incredible year for the Tech Podcast Network. Our on-site coverage team includes keys shows from the Tech Podcast Network and Pro-Med Network to bring you unparalleled coverage.

Contact us for our Sponsor / Partner Package or Corner to Corner booth coverage. ceo@rawvoice.com