Businessfriend – A Business-Oriented Social Network with a Purpose

BusinessfriendWhen it comes to the world of social networks, purpose is not necessarily a requirement. LinkedIn is good for finding a job, I guess. Facebook is good for… I’m really not sure what. But, in recent months, that trend is changing. Ello was created to rebel against advertising, but that isn’t exactly a purpose, at least not for the user.

Businessfriend is a social network with a true purpose, though. Created to help people collaborate with their colleagues and favorite brands, Businessfriend offers a number of personal and business-related features missing from any single platform.

For example, their Instant feature is a chat platform that allows you to keep your content private. No message boxes popping up when a new message comes in, making your private business public. There’s also the DigiDex, an organized contact list filled with your direct contacts and the companies you are connected to.

In addition to the unique takes on common features, Businessfriend also offers cloud features. You can share files through the system in a way that is controllable. You can revoke access to files and folders at will, and know that the content has been secured. You can also organize your content into Notebooks, making it easier to find.

It is definitely a platform worth trying out, currently available on web, iOS and Android, with Windows Phone currently in development.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the Tech Podcast Network.

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