Mackeeper is the All-In-One Tool for Mac Computer Support

Mackeeper – Human Inside

Jeremiah Fowler from Mackeeper stopped by the Tech Podcast Network booth at CES 2015 to talk about the Mackeeper software. He calls it the all-in-one tool for Mac computer cleaning, security, optimization and support.

Their software package gives features that people also love like that they have an antitheft feature. If someone steals your Mac computer the Mackeeper team can help locate the compute and use the builtin camera to take a photo of the person using it for police to use to catch the thief.

The software and support package offers something for the user at every level of technical sophistication. Even police agencies are using the Mackeeper software to wipe disks to ensure that there is no way to recover data after the disks are erased. Look for Mackeeper on line at where you can find out more about the innovative software package for your Mac.

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