Monbaby Activity Tracker Helps Parents Monitor Infants Remotely

monbaby-deviceOne of the things that Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic looked for while roaming the show floor in the various locations at the 2015 International CES expo was those innovative new health technology devices that might not get covered by the major media outlets. He found the Monbaby infant monitoring device while at the Sands Expo center in the digital health pavilion there.

Jamie chatted with Monbaby Founder Arturas Vaitaits about the new device for parents. It is an activity tracker that connects with parent’s smart phones and tablets via low-energy Bluetooth. The Monbaby clips to the baby’s clothing and will alert parents when the baby rolls over from back to belly or begins to move around signifying that they are awake. Because parents want their baby’s to sleep on their backs as much as possible as a prevention against SIDS, this can be a very useful tool for them to use when their children are very young.

The Monbaby device is available now for pre-order at It will be available for $169.00.

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