CES 2015 BeZilch

CEA Member and CEO of BeZilch.com sat down with the TPN team at CES 2015 to talk about the new marketplace to buy and sell new or used electronic devices. The genesis of the site is incredibly simple.

beZilch truly, by definition, is the only true secondary marketplace to buy and sell your consumer electronics. Best of all, you choose what matters most; time, convenience or money.

When selling your device on beZilch you have two primary options; Post a classified or browse existing offers on devices like yours. It is up to you. If you want to get top dollar and have time to wait, sell by posting a classified. If you want to sell your device immediately, view offers on your device and sell immediately. Best of all, if you find an offer you want to sell your device to you will get paid immediately!

When buying a device on beZilch you have two primary options here too; View classifieds ads to purchase or post an offer. If you want to buy immediately, choose a classified and purchase. If you have time to wait and want to pay less than fair value, post an offer. Millions of sellers sell their devices to online sites or trade them in at or around 50% fair value. Why? Because of convenience. By posting an offer on beZilch, any buyer now has the power to take advantage of getting devices for less than fair value because they are providing the seller with the convenience of an immediate sell.

beZilch didn’t stop there! You have both buying and selling options available either nationally or locally. Don’t want to transact online and want to meet up with the locals to buy or sell? Go ahead, post your ads locally or search local ads. Don’t worry about the solicitations and unwanted services you get from other “local” sites. beZilch restricts ads to only the consumer electronics you want.

This truly is the most efficient and comprehensive marketplace for buying or selling your smartphones or consumer electronics.

Transactions are secured by PayPal so buyers and sellers are covered. Seller fees are also very low compared to other sites, 4% flat!

The market is new but once the word gets out, everyone using the site will be better off!!!