TrackingPoint Weapon System

tracking PointTrackingPoint introduced a precision guided firearm at CES 2013. The kit consists of a digital rifle scope and a guided trigger. This kit works with a traditional bolt-action rifle.

The way the system works is that you point the weapon toward the target and the system tags the target. The tag, which is a red dot will remain with the target even if the target moves. The system then calculates all necessary measurements including distance and wind velocity. When you pull the trigger the shot is held until you can align the target. A cross hair will appear and then the shot is fired.

The TrackingPoint system includes five processors within it. There is an image processor that processes up to 54 frames per second. There is also a DSP processor, an Arm core processor and a FPGA with RISC processor inside.

The TrackingPoint kit includes a rifle, a scope, the trigger package, 200 rounds of ammo, a pelican case, a wind bag and an iPad mini. There is also an app for the iPhone or iPad which allows you to stream and record video of your shot. The total kit will be around $20,000. More information is available at the Tracking-Point website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.