Two weeks of Power from a Portable Fuel Cell

Nectar Mobile Power System

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If you are constantly on the move, you probably  struggle to keep your devices charged throughout the day. You try techniques like disabling services in an attempt to keep within your battery capacity when you are out of the office or car, unable to charge your device – and end up without information from a critical app.  Or, you might be on a long trek away from power mains but still within wireless range. You need more power.


The Nectar Mobile Power System is a flameless fuel cell that combines a hydrocarbon (butane) with oxygen from the air – producing electricity as a by-product.  This technology came from MIT, and uses a solid oxide fuel cell, converting any hydrocarbon into electricity. Fully approved for airplane travel, the system can provide two weeks of cellphone power on a single charge that costs less than $10.

It will be available exclusively at Brookstone in mid 2013. More technical details at their site,


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