Felt Audio Introduces a Bluetooth Modular System

Felt Audio I love the idea of Bluetooth audio there are no tangled wires, however I have never found a Bluetooth headset that I liked. To me they’re uncomfortable and hard to use. I prefer regular ear buds, but I hate untangling the wires every time I want to use them. So when I saw the newest Felt Audio product I was intrigued. Felt Audio has created a Blue tooth modular system that connects to any Bluetooth device. What makes this device unique is that the cables retract into the modular system. So when you’re finished with your phone call or listening to your music the cables simply retract back into the device. You can have this device in one pocket and then have your smart phone or tablet in a completely different pocket that is more secure. You can control your phone calls and music directly from the device. The system will sync to any bluetooth device within 3 second. If you prefer to have everything together Felt Audio also makes a case that you can use to attach the device directly to your smart phone. When it is attached to your phone’s you can use it to recharge your phone.

Felt Audio also introduced what they call the world’s smallest speaker system at CES 2013. It also works through Bluetooth. It has omnidirectional microphone so you can use it in a meeting or any group. You can use the speaker either attached to the smart phone or separate like the modular system. It will connect with any Bluetooth device within three-seconds. You can clip the speaker to your belt or you can use the included stand and place it on a table.

Both the Bluetooth modular system and the speaker will be available in April for $99. The first 5000 customers who purchase the modular system from the Felt Audio website will receive a free case. You can preorder either the modular system or the speakers through the website now. It appears to be well made and I like the way to looks. As soon as I have some money available I’m going to preorder the modular system. Once I have it I will give you my review on how it works in the real world, but for now just the idea intrigues me.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.