Fulton Innovation – Wireless Power Consortium

Turtle BeachThis was by far Nick’s favorite thing at CES 2012. Fulton Innovation has decided to get ahead of the companies wanting wireless inductive charging and has joined the Wireless Power Consortium and has teamed up to create the Qi (pronounced “chee”) Standard using their E-Couple technology to unite the world and cut that final cord that ties us all down.

Motorola, Sharp, Energizer, LG and Samsung join the list of over 80 companies that will allow interoperability across their devices and chargers, which will allow consumers to charge essentially any compatible device (with the option to retrofit) on their desk, in their office or even in their car, because at the end of the day, it’s all about convenience.

The idea for wireless charging doesn’t only extend to the phone sector. All mobility is looking to get some love as tablets and laptops can also be made to do the same thing. You can purchase an adapter module, bolt it under a table and you have wireless charging whereever you want it. Imagine setting a blender on a spot in your kitchen and it charges with no wires. Then, using the same spot on your induction range compatible top, cooking with a pan that can go from boiling to simmering using autonomous functions. For the ladies, you could have a designer bag with charging capabilities so your phone doesn’t have to be taken out to plug it in.

The possibilities are endless and we’ve mentioned it throughout our CES coverage on our shows which you can find here.

Interview by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.