Corsair – Classic Gaming Peripherals Done Right

CorsairVisiting the Corsair booth gave us a look some powerful gaming peripherals that will certainly have your opponents rage quitting in no time. Corsair had two new keyboards, two new mice and three new headsets for us to play with this year at CES.

The key thing to note at Corsair is that the devices are designed by gamers for gamers. Everyone at Corsair has the passion and drive to make gaming a better and more enjoyable experience for the consumer and everything that the designers do and put together at Corsair is done with honest care. It’s something you rarely see in manufacturing anymore and was certainly refreshing to see when we got to talk to some of the designers.

Starting with the 90 Series, they are optimized for MMO and RTS games that require a lot of actions per minute or macros recorded to specific keys. The 60 Series are designed for first-person shooters. Both sets of keyboards have the Cherry MX Red keys, which allow very light, precise touches and triple taps for the hardcore gamers. Each of the mice also come with 5700 DPI, however feature adjustable, on-the-fly DPI options for your needs per game. The cool thing about the M60 is that the mouse has a “sniper” button, which drops your DPI immediately to 800 (default) in order to scan, acquire and then take out your enemies. It gives you the option to keep your movements natural and not have to be twitchy when you play your FPS. On the M90, it has 9 macro programmable buttons, however the buttons are placed in a way so that your thumb does not hit them or accidentally trigger a macro. This allows you to not have to disengage some of them because they are simply in the way.

Now, while you can have the best keyboard and mouse on the market, you still need to hear what’s happening around you and Corsair has crafted some gaming headsets that do not overwhelm you with over-enhanced bass. The Vengeance 1100, 1300 and 1500 are here to offer several options for gamers that have different budgets.

With Corsair, all you need is motherboard, CPU and video card and you can get everything else you need for your computer from them. For all our gamers out there, Corsair is definitely worth checking out for your gaming needs.

Interview by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.