Craftsman Internet Connected Garage Door Opener

Craftsman may not be a name you expect to see at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is generally all about computers, home theater, smartphones, and the like, but you may be surprised by the fact that they were there and they had some cool things to show off. How does the world’s first internet-connected garage door opener sound? This garage door opener has an app for checking it’s status and opening and closing it remotely. Handy for those time you drive away and forget to hit that close button.

There are apps to control it available not just for the PC, but also for both Android and iOS devices. This also eliminates the need to give out keys or passcodes to repairman and others, because you can simply let them in remotely. The device is already available from Craftsman at their website and at Sears locations. They are also working on many future improvements, like integration with home security systems. The device begins at $349 and you can learn more from Craftsman.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.