Marvell Demos a new OLPC Tablet @ CES 2012

Marvell At CES 2012 Marvell showed off the OLPC XO 3.0 Tablet. The tablet has an eight inch screen and is made for kids in the developing world. It has the ARM based ARMADA PXA618 SOC processor, and is built on the Linux platform. It has a mini Wikipedia and other existing educational applications built right into the device. This is important since these devices are used in areas where wi-fi is often not available. The tablet can be charged by solar power, hand crank, and from any device that can produce 10-25 watts of DC power. The solar panel produces 4 watts of power by placing it in the sun for an hour. You then snap to the tablet and it will charge the tablet for up to two hours of usage. Like all OLPC products the OLPC tablet is easy to take apart and repair.

Marvell builds the design. They work with Quantive manufacturing, who build the tablets based on orders from agencies like a Ministry of Education or an educational organization. Their goal is to have the unit price well below the $180.00 which is the cost of the OLPC computer.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central