Never a Charge!

We have been asked by a number of vendors whether we charge for our Interviews.

Never have, Never will. We would not compromise our editorial integrity to even consider charging for an interview. The handful of sponsors we have for the show will be clearly designated in signage, on air and in post show produced content.

Because some think we are a vendor we have received email solicitations from some media outlets asking us to pay for an interview which is quite shocking. Frankly we are surprised that the Consumers Electronic Association puts up with media companies that do this. We believe in covering vendors that have cool an innovative products not pay for play.

Our expenses to cover CES exceed $40,000 but the value of the conversations and new relationships is worth the expense. Millions of people will watch our coverage because they know from history our team’s integrity and our ability to dig down in weeds and find the cool stuff.

While we would not be able to do this show without our sponsors, we look forward to bringing you unbiased coverage of the show.

Todd Cochrane
Founder Tech Podcast Network
CEO RawVoice
Host Geek News Central